Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Riley's Downfall (Brac Pack #29) by Lynn Hagen

Riley's Downfall (Brac Pack, #29)
Riley was one confused bear. He was quiet, moody, and aloof. He wasn’t even mischievous like his six younger brothers. So why on earth was his mate a peculiar man that was Riley's polar opposite?

Sterling loved the Lakeland ranch. He is especially enamored with one big bear shifter name Riley. The problem was, Riley wouldn’t give Sterling the time of day. The man ducked and dodged Sterling every step of the way.

But when Maverick calls in a favor for Riley to be the temporary leader of the fey, Sterling finds himself in an elven village far from the ranch, and Riley isn’t too happy that Sterling stowed away in the back of his truck to get there.

Riley has been handed a huge responsibility. Maverick even called in a favor and had Max, Eagle, and Chey come to help Riley out. But his concerns aren’t with the fey. It’s with one slim human that just might be Riley’s downfall

                                                          4.75 STARS

I can't help it I love this series, Lynn Hagen has me completely wrapped up in this Brac Pack Village and I just wanna read more & more. I have been waiting for Riley's story for awhile, honestly don't know why but he's so moody that I loved him right off the bat. And God, Sterling is AWESOME I mean who names their pet pig Bacon? I adored everything about this story their chemistry, their emotional issues, the hot sex, all of it works for me. And this world doesn't feel like it's 29 books long you know? I always feel like its still a really close family and even the spin off series' just bring me closer into this one ( I love the spin offs too) and I can't wait to continue to read more. None of the stories are alike each one is unique in it's one way so are each and every character too. I know that can't be easy to do so Kudo's for Ms. Hagen for pulling that off excellently. I Highly Recommend.

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