Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some Quick Reviews

Ok I have gotten behind a little but I have read so many great books lately that I don't want to put my Kindle down. So as a way to catch up I'm gonna do a few quick reviews on some of the shorter stories that I have read lately, the ones I like to read right before bedtime so that damn ocd doesn't keep me awake till a book is finished. So here we go some of these were free but not all of them

 Come Cuddle Me by Missy Welsh  4 STARS This was a cute funny story that I wouldn't mind reading more of this couple was hilarious but sooo sweet. Highly Enjoyed

 Feel Me by Jambrea Jo Jones 4 STARS Here was another fun sweet story that I truly enjoyed plus it was free too. Definitely recommended

 Just like in the Movies by Clare London 4.75 STARS This was another frickin' awesome story by Ms. London I really, really wanna read more about this couple, they were funny and a little kooky which I loved  and it was also free. Highly Recommended

 Slippery When Wet by Blaine D Arden 4.25 STARS This story was about a couple that was already together but DAMN it was HOT!!! I'm talking needed a cold shower HOT and it was free too. Definitely Recommended.

 Steamy by Vicktor Alexander 4.5 STARS Holy Hell another extremely HOT book, plus were introduced to a new world that I wouldn't mind reading more of. Although this one also had an emotional storyline that was a little sad but not terribly. Highly Recommended.

 Unbinding the Alpha by Penelope Rivers 4.5 STARS I found this shot story funny, hot and kinda sweet. I really liked the storyline and would have read more easily. Overall it was a fascinating story. Highly Recemmended

Nothing of a Son by LA Witt 4 STARS   where as usually I adore Ms. Witts stories this ok was just okay for me, of course I'm really not a big fan of historical books with the whole threat of being hanged (creeps me out alittle) This one was a cute short story that makes fun of the whole "don't touch my daughters" bit I have to say I liked the irony. Definitely Recommend

Okay thats a bunch for now I've still got a ton of full length books that need to be reviewed and will get my head outta my ass soon promise ; P Till then Happy Reading

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