Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Doing the Dean (Claybourne College, #1) by Mia Watts

Doing the Dean (Claybourne College, #1)
When Griffin Sizemore transferred to Claybourne College, his goal was to finish his doctorate and get out of school. He never expected to fall for his best friend’s sexy dad, especially when that dad turns out to be the Dean of Students. A little daring perseverance shows him that the Dean doesn’t seem so unapproachable. So since when did getting in the Dean’s pants suddenly become a quest to win his heart?
                                                   4 STARS

This was a fun but very interesting read, the issues are serious and dealt very well, the characters are fun and we get to know them pretty good too, the sex scenes are scorching and the addition of best friend/son Tony made it funny but sweet as well. I had issues with Griffin in a way but understood also where his head/heart was at, and the fact that Julian just can't stay away from Griffin even at the risk of his highly covenanted  job as Dean. Like I said it's an exciting quick read but I definitely recommend it.

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