Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dancing Away by Karenna Colcroft

Dancing Away
What happens when a bully apologizes? Ballet dancer Merit Hartwick is about to find out. Cole Dellany, the man who broke Merit’s heart with a cruel “joke” the night of their senior prom, has come to town to tell Merit how sorry he is. And to tell him that the dance they shared on prom night wasn’t really a joke. Cole is gay, in the closet, and in love with Merit since high school. Now he’s ready to be honest with Merit about his feelings. Several years have passed, but Merit isn’t sure he can forgive Cole, let alone trust him with his heart

                                                  2.5 STARS

This was just ok for me, I'm not saying it was bad but it just didn't work for me. First off Merit comes across as a snob even though he has plenty of reason to not forgive Cole, he just kinda seems mean to me. Cole on the other hand seems like a good guy but he moves way to fast he knows he's gay but just now wants to up and move to be with Merit after only two weeks of reconnecting.  It felt rushed and maybe with more time on this story I would have liked it but it just went way to fast for me. I just didn't get the characters or their motives I'm sorry didn't like this one.

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