Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Accounting for Luke (Dangerous Lovers #2) by Amber Kell

Accounting for Luke (Dangerous Lovers, #2)
Sometimes love takes more than two to make it work.

Someone is stalking Timothy Warren. When Tim calls his lover, Bryce Mann, for help, he gets not only his boyfriend but his boyfriend’s work partner, Luke Garcia. Years ago Luke and Bryce had a sexual encounter that neither man ever forgot even though they both tried. Bryce might date Tim but his heart still pines for Luke.

When Luke discovers Bryce and Tim’s relationship, long-hidden emotions are uncovered and jealousies flare. Luke might not think a relationship with Bryce would work, but he’s not ready to let him go. Tim learns of Bryce’s long attachment to Luke and surprisingly agrees to step aside. But although Luke desires Bryce, he doesn’t want to break Tim’s heart.

After Luke is injured on a job, he questions whether a trio might work where a duo doesn’t seem possible. Between Timothy’s stalker and his distrust of Luke’s motives will the three of them ever find common ground or will they discover life is easier apart?

                                                                         4.75 STARS

Now this was a great threesome or menage' story,  I read an excerpt on this story and just couldn't wait to read it. The attraction between all three characters is so viable that the relationship between two seemed to smoothly become three.

 Even though they each had their own fears and insecurities that has to be work out, plus on top of that Tim has a  stalker? I thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish, I was engaged and Damn girl the sex was HOT! I just could not put it down and it wasn't just one character that pulled me in I felt for each one Tim, Bryce & Luke. Maybe more for Tim since he thinks he's got the most to lose, but they each took a little piece of my heart in a way. 

I do hope we get more to the Dangerous Lovers series, I would definitely buy more. I Highly Recommend. 

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