Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Dark Side of Love (Christian's Coven #6) by Lynn Hagen

The Dark Side of Love (Christian´s Coven #6)
Rhys and Ceri have risen…

The twins, Rhys and Ceri, had been placed in a dark sleep almost two thousand years ago. They were whispered about by vampires, resting so long that most thought them just a myth. But when a human stumbles on the cave that Rhys and Ceri rest in, myth becomes reality.

Nathaniel loves caving. It’s his one peaceful respite in his confusing life. When he accidentally cuts himself, the blood awakens a nightmare that he can’t escape. Not only does he discover that vampires exist, but one of them shows Nathaniel just how truly horrifying vampires can be.

Running for his life, Nathaniel finds himself turning to one of the vampires for help. The problem is he’s running from one of the twins. Ceri thinks Nathaniel is one of the evil humans he must kill, while Rhys argues that Nathaniel is redeemable.

Rhys isn’t so sure Nathaniel is redeemable, but he must stop Ceri from killing his mate.

                                                                   4 STARS 

While I absolutely love this series, book 6 totally grossed me out at the beginning. Although I enjoyed the story, I couldn't get the beginning outta my head, so Ceri & Rhys just never grew on me I just kept picturing the start of the story. Anyway I thought Ms. Hagen did a good job of introducing the twins, and I really liked how they interact with Christian (whose my favorite vampire) even how they react to each other I just couldn't get into the relationship of Nathaniel & Ceri Yes the beginning again. This is an awesome creepy horror type story I just didn't get the love story in it. I do so enjoy revisiting characters from previous books I do hope to read more to this series because I'm hooked on it, and I love vampires so I will be continuing to buy more. I recommend but be prepared if your really squeamish. 

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