Tuesday, July 17, 2012

North's Complication (Lost Shifters #18) by Stephani Hecht

North's Complication
Sometimes truth is more dangerous than fiction.

Ever since Fox shifter, North, joined the coalition to work as their psychiatrist, he’s had two rules. One—never get involved with a feline. Two—never, ever, ever get involved with a feline. Not only is North not eager to make any lasting connections, but he doesn’t want any drama in his life.

Tiger shifter, Dominic, has drama as his middle name, and he loves every minute of it. Not only does he intend to live life to the fullest, but he’s not about to make any apologies for it. So, when he finds himself drawn to the super serious and super straight-laced North, Dominic is confused. He’s also scared, because North is the only one who could break through Dominic’s shields.

That’s the last thing that can happen, for if the rest of the shifters discover who Dominic really is, they will all be in danger. Will Dominic be able to keep his secrets or will the whole coalition pay the price for his lies

                                                  4.75 STARS 

Although this story is about North & Dominic which was awesome btw my favorite parts were the ones with Shane in them.  I was hoping we'd get the quiet serious Norths' story so I was really excited to read this one, and I was not disappointed. We not only get to learn about North and his family but we get some insight into his work with the other shifters especially Shane. 

Dominic on the other hand I felt so sorry for this kid. The stress that he's put under and the verbal abuse over the years  become to much with a rejection from North and what he feels as guilt, Dominic makes a harsh and drastic choice. I will admit I cried my eyes out over this one but it's written very well and works for this story. 

I highly recommend it's become one of my favorites in this series.

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