Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wish (The Wish #1) by Eden Winters

The Wish (The Wish, #1)
Alex Martin is arrogant, wealthy, spoiled, and lonely. His never-ending stream of lovers sees only his wallet. Hiding behind a mask of aloof indifference, he really wants someone who can see past the money, someone who'll stand up to him as an equal. Down-to-earth bookstore owner Paul Sinclair insists on making his own way in life. He longs for someone who thinks, works, and doesn't ask for hand outs: a true partner in every sense of the word. After years of avoidance they finally meet, and neither is impressed. Though worlds apart they share a common bond: their uncles, Alfred and Byron, are long-term partners. And when the uncles conspire to match-make, a little thing like Byron's being a ghost isn't going to stop them.

                                                                    5 STARS 

I have to say this past week I have read more wonderful 5 star rating books than ever, it's been such a joy for me that I have gotten so engrossed in these wonderful stories that everytime I read another book I'm a little paranoid that it won't live up to my expectations. But The Wish is not one of those I absolutely adored this story, I will warn you it's an emotional read not as much angsty as intense feelings and emotions. I swear I went through an entire box of tissues while reading it, and usually I don't like that but than again this isn't really angsty more a walk down memory lane kinda crying. I LOVED this book plain & simple.

Byron is the partner of Alfred who passes away do to cancer, but as a ghost we'll say has decided that his and Alfred's nephews need to be together. Now here's where it becomes somewhat sad because Alfred is mourning his partner of 30 yrs, but there's a lot of fun in it too. Apparently Byron likes mischief and once Alex (whose Alfred's nephew) and Paul(whose Byron's) meet all hell breaks lose, yes I laughed my ass off on Alex thinking Paul was Alfred's boy toy even after finding out who he really is.

Now Alex & Paul have their own personal issues and reasons for not liking each other, but there's an attraction also that they both decide to fight. I thought it was so funny the way Byron messes with them, but the best part was the slow getting to know one another and the way they each start to notices how much the other one has been hurt. Alex's eye opening to his selfish ways and the fact that he grows up in a way made his character likable where at first he was kinda an ass. And Paul I just adored his character, it was so cute the way they easily fell into their...air quotes...roles as Byron & Alfred wanted.

The other part of this story is about the grief that Alfred feels with the love of his life gone. What I liked was how real it was made to feel, I mean I have seen it before in couples how a couple was so in love that when one passes the other just doesn't want to go on, their sun has left so to speak so that the one left just doesn't feel like continuing on is worth being without that love. Yes it's a very intense part of this beautiful love story mainly because we not only get Alex & Paul's love story but a look into a 30 yr old sweet adorable love story also. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND but don't forget the tissues.


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