Monday, July 9, 2012

Soul Bonds (Common Powers #1) by Lynn Lorenz

Soul Bonds (Common Powers, #1)
Mitchell Collins is the king of denial. Five years after the death of his lover, Steve, he finds himself in a gay bar, wondering why he's even there. He has a rule he won't break: Don't take anyone home.

Sammi's trying to survive on the streets of Houston. It's not easy for someone with no money, no identity, and no friends. When Mitch meets Sammi, all thoughts of "safe" go flying out the window. He takes him home for the best sex of his life, not knowing that Sammi's a sex slave on the run from a man who'll do anything to get him back

                                                       2 STARS 

I'm sorry to say but I did not like this story, I'm not sure if it just seemed that Mitchell & Sammi's relationship was so rushed or if the story just didn't work for me but I really couldn't get into this story. The crap that Mitchell seems to go through for Sammi sucked then it felt like Sammi  just took off without thinking of what his partner would go through made me not like his character at all. I also didn't feel any chemistry between Mitchell & Sammi even with the paranormal aspect although I did like the character of Brian and I will probably buy his story if it's been written. I just seriously couldn't get into Sammi & Mitchell's story. I may read it again to see if that helps but as of right now I don't recommend.

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