Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quicky reviews for some awesome Free Stories

I have been so lucky to find such fun, sexy and adorable free (yeah I like that word) stories that I just had to share. So if you get the chance read them I truly have enjoyed each story and in some cases found new authors that I just have to read more of their stories. 

First we'll start with An Oral Fixation by Piper Vaughn 4.75 stars
this story was not only fun and adorable but HOT as hell also. I really wouldn't mind reading more of this couple.

Mentor (a Jarheads story)by Sean Michael  4.75 stars everyone knows how much I love Rig, Rock & Dick. This one is just more awesomeness for me to read. Besides the Scorching sex scenes I love the continuing love story of this threesome.

Woman with a Dildo by Cardeno C 4.5 stars Yes just the title had me laughing my ass off, but this story has a sweet adorable message in a Hot love story.

Wargames by Kim Dare 4.25 stars As a classic BDSM style story this one was fun and made me want to read more of this couple, and DAMN what a way it was to start a relationship too.

Yes Sir by Ellis Carrington 3.75 stars This was an enjoyable short story that left me wanting to read more with a smile on my face.

You Melt Me by Kari Gregg 3.5 stars Like I said I love a story that makes me want to read more here's another one that works for me.

Open Tackle by LC Chase 3.5 stars And another that just hit the spot for me Loved it!

I love to read purely for escapism & joy, I'm not real big on reality or technical writing skills or whatever the hell it's supposed to be. I just want to be entertained, life's full of strife & stresses aplenty, my personal relaxation is reading especially when a story can give me a happy ending. There's so much sadness & horrible things that happen to all of us in real life so it's nice when we can find something that not only makes us smile but gives us a chance to leave all of our own stresses behind if only for a few pages of joy. So till the next review Happy Reading! 

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