Friday, July 6, 2012

Claiming Korey (Urban Affairs #2) by Gale Stanley

Claiming Korey (Urban Affairs #2)
Korey Wolfe leaves Chicago, rather than allow himself to be claimed by an Alpha he doesn't know. Arriving in New York, he falls for another wolf-shifter, and he believes his running days are over. Life with Tate Reagan is good—until Korey is kidnapped by a gang of were-slavers.

Tate sets himself up as bait hoping the slave dealers will lead him to Korey, but the plan goes south and Tate is captured. The slavers deliver him to Indio Lykaios, a wealthy shifter who owns a security company in Chicago.

Indio plans to let go Tate go. Then he discovers there's a connection between Tate and Korey, his missing Omega, and he's forced to join forces with his rival. After a successful rescue mission, Korey is caught between two strong men. Can he stay loyal to one while denying his attraction for the other? Or is it possible to have them both?

                                                               4.5 STARS 

This is the second book in the Urban Affairs series, and I really liked it. Its about Korey whom we hear about in the first book but don't meet. He's an Omega but on the run from what he thinks would have been a fate worse than death, when he meets Tate he falls in love fast and they have a really sweet relationship. That is till Korey is kidnapped and sold to slavers, he really is put through alot poor kid.

Then Tate sets himself up to be kidnapped by the same slavers with the help of  the trio from the first book I would have liked to see more of them I really liked the first book. Anyway Tate gets sold to Indio who is actually trying to find Korey since he is his mate, but hes trying to shut down the slavers so he ends up with Tate instead. And thats when it starts to get HOT!! 

I really enjoyed the plot line of this story and hope to get more info in upcoming books. The way each Threesome is written makes them come across as seamless and they all really seem to fit so well together. Not to mention the sex scenes are scorching hot also. I am looking forward to more to this series it will be one that I watch for. I recommend

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