Friday, July 6, 2012

Second Time Lucky (A Middleton Romance #2) by Ethan Day

Second Time Lucky
Luke Landon and Owen West already had a once upon a time. They burned hot back in college yet still managed to lose their way. It's been fifteen years since they drifted apart and while a lot has since changed, they've discovered that some things still feel the same. While one calls it fate, the other dumb luck, second chances aren't easy to come by. Putting the ignorance of youth and life's baggage aside, they just might find that sometimes the best things really do come back to you.
                                              5 STARS 

This is the first book I have read by Ethan Day, simply for the fact that I had read a book by another author with a similar name and didn't realize that it wasn't the same person. Yeah I had a blonde moment. But anyway I'm so glad I figured out my mistake because not only do I love this story but I went and bought 2 others by this author, I enjoyed this story that much.

It's not only a really sweet, sexy and sometimes dramatic love story, it's about growing up and realizing what it is you want in your life, Second Time Lucky is just that a second chance at love. I enjoyed the chemistry between Luke & Owen, but I also liked the insecurities that are played out in the way that they are. The strengths of each character, the flaws, and even the incredibly hot sex is very well written. Yes I even had some moments of tears but it worked wonderfully for this book, and I loved both Luke & Owens characters even their flaws made complete sense to me.

Especially Owens' the insecurity of having Tommy around Luke, I found myself wrapped up in what he might be feeling and how scared he was of feeling that way. Luke had wonderful moments too but scared me there at one point, but then when he finally explains I understand his point of view too. If you wanna read an amazing intense but sweet love story you NEED to read Second Time Lucky it is well worth buying and will be on my list to read again & again. I Highly Recommend

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