Monday, July 9, 2012

Learning the Ropes (Sex Sells #3) by Kim Dare

Learning the Ropes (Sex Sells, #3)
Working for a company whose slogan is 'Sex sells and we’re very good at sex' isn't easy for a man with an apparently inexhaustible ability to blush. Things only get more embarrassing for Floyd when he's sent to construct an advertising campaign for a BDSM club.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the owner of the club is Peter Ingram, the silent partner in SKIN designs, which technically makes him Floyd's boss. If he screws this up, Floyd's going to be looking for a new job. His only option is to set aside his embarrassment and throw himself into learning everything there is to know about leather.

But when Peter agrees to teach Floyd what submission really means, suddenly it's not only his job that's at risk

                                                                      4 STARS 

This is a series that I started reading with book two, purely accidental and decided I really liked. It's a look at how Floyd becomes interested in the BDSM scene, but has to work through his own issues with thinking of his embarrassment. Floyd decides to understand more for his "advertising job" he needs Peter to literally show him the ropes, he just has to work through his fear and try to keep from falling in love with Peter. I think we get more of how Floyds character feels and reacts than Peter but it's a sexy, somewhat intense story that I enjoyed reading. It's a short story but I got the gist of what was trying to be said without the words needing to be there. I recommend

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