Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock #1) by Anne Tenino

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1)

Nikhil “Nik” Larson is a snarky, dark-skinned adoptee from India who grew up in the Whitest Town in America. Back to visit his parents Nik meets Trooper Jurgen Dammerung, a blond, butch motorcycle cop who’s so hot he leaves a con trail wherever he goes.

Jurgen is the epitome of everything Nik hated about growing up the lone Indian boy among a town of white people. But Jurgen surprises him rather (ahem) pleasantly, in spite of — or because of — Nik’s attempts to needle him. By the end of his visit, Nik realizes he likes Jurgen. But Jurgen’s so not the relationship type.


                                                   4.75 STARS 

I fricking LOVE free stories I have had the pleasure of  reading some wonderful short stories and even better they were free. I've read another story by Ms. Tenino and loved it, so reading this one and Whitetail Rock 2 just made her one of my top favorite authors (yes I know my list is huge, but I feel like if these authors can entertain me and take me away from my own stress for a little while they deserve the recognition). 

Jurgen & Nik are a hilarious and sexy couple, yeah the sex scenes are scorching hot!!!!!(inner perv interrupted again) But it's a sweet love story that I enjoyed reading and wouldn't mind reading more of too. 
The Fix (Whitetail Rock, #2)Confident almost to the point of arrogance, Jurgen never worried about his boyfriend leaving him until he overheard Nik telling his best friend he wants to move out of town. That's when the macho cop realizes that maybe asking Nik to move back to tiny Whitetail Rock—where he was tormented when he was younger for being gay and looking different—wasn't Jurgen's most brilliant idea. Now he's on a mission to find a way to fix things so Nik will stay. Which should be no problem because he's good at fixing stuff, right?

Nik isn't sure what he was thinking, moving back to his hometown after graduating with his MFA. Jobs in his field are non-existent and reminders of some of the worst times in his life are abundant. But Jurgen lives in Whitetail Rock, and Nik is willing to put up with a hell of a lot to be with him. Except maybe Jurgen's own efforts to "fix" something that's not broken...

                                                             4.75 STARS

Yes not only did I get more story of Nik & Jurgen but I got it for free, I'm in heaven...sigh... Ok back to the here and now. I loved this one too, The Fix is more about how Jurgen is feeling but we get plenty of HOT sex (dammit I told my inner perv not to butt in again) but we get more of how and why these two love each other and some of the issues with insecurities too. I recommend both of these which I got at allromanceebooks.com.  And Ms. Tenino if your reading this I'd like more please...begs with puppy dog eyes...

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  1. Well hello! Google alerts told me you had a review up, so along I came to read it. Thank you for all the compliments! I really appreciate you taking the time to review these two stories. They're ones I particularly love. :-)

    And now, the news—some good and some not as good. I've planned three more books that deal with characters from Whitetail Rock, and the first one is titled Too Stupid to Live and will be out about January 14th (barring massive problems) from Riptide Publishing. TSTL features Sam and Ian, and it's around 80,000 words and should come out in print as well as ebook. The bad news is it won't be a freebie.

    I will have at least one and possibly two short freebies coming out soon, though! And Whitetail and The Fix will be edited by Riptide and rereleased as freebies again sometime in the next few months.

    Thanks again!