Monday, July 30, 2012

Love Bites A Feral Hearts Tale by D. River

Love Bites A Feral Hearts Tale
Ryder has been friends with Tucker since they were in the first grade. They grew up together, they joined the Marines together and they moved to the vast metropolis of New York City together. Nothing could tear them apart.

Or so they believed. When they get bitten by a mysterious creature, they find themselves drawn together in a whole new way that is both exciting and terrifying. Neither of them is prepared to face the feelings they now have or what that could mean for their future.

This is the story of their quest for a cure, which takes them through such locales as Little Avalon, the Wild Wood and the haunted ruins of Old Syracuse. Together they must face down dangers and challenges even as they grapple with the life-shift of now being mated werewolves.

Join Ryder and Tucker for a fun, romantic adventure set in an Earth much like our own, but where magic and magical creatures are as much a part of the world as science and technology

                                                                               3 STARS 

You ever read a book that your not sure if you liked it or not? Well this is one of those for me. I thought the storyline was great, I just wasn't sure if I liked the characters I mean Ryder was a pretty good character and most of the story is from his POV,  but Tucker not so much I just couldn't understand where his character was coming from. The start of this story had me excited, than kinda fizzled in the middle with an abrupt ending. I really wanted some kind of closure to the whole relationship (side) story because thats what it felt like a love story thrown in.

Ryder feels like the only one in this best friends turned werewolves that are mates relationship. Tucker feels like he fights it thru the entire book, which kinda pissed me off yeah I get that Tucker has some issues but this is his best friend since like first grade, not someone he just met. I would have liked more to this relationship than just Ryder trying to not make a wrong move, I felt bad for the guy really I did. The action/drama storyline was not bad and I did get closure for that which is what kept me reading this story. I will still recommend but be warned its more of an action story with a love story on the side.

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