Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Way Back by Carter Quinn

The Way Back
In freshman year, Riley Evans met the best friends he ever thought he’d have, Jason and Eric. But then his friendship with Eric turned into something much more. That relationship ended almost as soon as it began, and Riley hasn’t let anyone near his heart since. Until now.

When Riley needed him most, Jason helped pick up the pieces. Six years later, he’s once again part of Riley’s life. Riley is slowly letting Jason past his defenses and is starting to see how good they are together. They’re even planning a romantic weekend getaway. Then, out of the blue, Eric calls, claiming he wants Riley back.

Riley has been dreaming about Eric for six years, but suddenly he can’t he stop thinking of Jason. Jason, who has always been there when Riley needs him—who puts Riley's happiness above his own, even if that means his own heart will suffer. Jason insists Riley face his old feelings for Eric to make sure they’re really gone. But are they? If Riley can’t learn from his mistakes, he may be destined to repeat them—and Jason won’t wait forever

                                                                       5 STARS 

Yes another awesome book! Now at first I thought maybe this book was a menage' but once I started reading it I got that this is a love triangle. My favorite character outta all three was Jason but Riley was adorable too, Eric I never really liked I mean he starts as a flashback and even in the flashback he's kinda a jerk, not to mention the way he treated Riley and his brother Jason. So from the start of this story I was routing for Jason & Riley. 

Riley makes his own mistakes in this whole story, his not being able to get Eric outta his head & the fact that he freezes up when he needs to explain something made him a fun totally clueless character. Although at one point I wanted to wring his neck I wanted him to tell Eric to get lost but he kept giving him another chance. This story while it's funny & sexy  it also has an intense emotional storyline that while it made me cry was such a beautiful part of this story. 

Jason, I wanted to just reassure this guy, I mean he's been through so much and from the start you can see how much he loves Riley so much that he even wants Riley to date Eric to get him outta his system. Ok so I did want to smack him for this logic but he's such a sweetheart that I forgave him besides this story ROCKED! like I said I laughed some, cried some, and was just flat out entertained.

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