Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whelp (Wolves of Icaria #1) by Sov Skaars

Sun. Sand. Sex. Icaria has it all and Kent is taking advantage of every single bit of it. His holiday passes in a blur of bright days and hot men until he meets the man who rules them all. Stavros Laskaris owns most of Icaria and when Kent catches his attention, he becomes one more thing to posses.

The hot Greek summer vacation takes a dark turn when it turns out that Stavros isn't planning on letting him leave Icaria. From sexual confidante to prisoner of a man beyond the law – even the laws of nature, Kent find himself in a whole new world, a world where he is bound to a man who forces him to recognize his true nature and wolf form. Kent must learn to submit to his alpha, or pay the price for being a disobedient whelp.

                                                               2 STARS 

Very rarely will I find a book that I just can't find anything in it that I liked, not either character, not the storyline, and not even the secondary characters, unfortunately this was one of those rare books. Being a first book of a new series I kept reading hoping for something that would redeem Stavros and make Kent not such a victim. This story reminded me too much of Stockholm's syndrome and I didn't like the forced seduction scenes to me the alpha used sex to get Kent to shut up whining about going home. And thats what Kent came across as a victim who just gives in, and Stavros comes across as a bully not a loving mate or alpha. I won't be reading any of the other books in this series it just was to creepy for me. I'm sorry I can't recommend I truly did not enjoy this book.

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