Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Cajun's Pet (New Orleans Rent Boys #1) by Jana Downs

The Cajun's Pet (New Orleans Rent Boys, #1)
Gideon went down to the Big Easy to escape his old life. Unfortunately for him, his escape plan proved to be worse for him than staying would have been. Homeless and alone in an unfamiliar city, he's taken in by a group of rent boys called the French Quarter Brats. Gideon quickly learns to use his body to survive in a city used to preying on the unwary. However, eager tourists looking for a thrill and the occasional lonely local get boring after a while and Gideon begins to yearn for something more.

When Gideon stumbles across the man the Brats call the Cajun King of New Orleans, Evan St. Germaine, he's automatically struck by the man's dominant personality and his rugged good looks. He forms an obsession which can be cured by only one thing: becoming the Cajun's pet rent boy. But Evan isn't an everyday john and he demands more for his cash than Gideon's body and his willing submission. He demands his heart.

                                                               4.75 STARS 

At first I really wasn't sure how I felt about this story but that changed very quickly. The Cajun's Pet is such a different story than what I'm used to reading for Jana Downs that it caught me by surprise. Not that that's a bad thing the exact opposite in fact, this story had more depth and intense emotions than previous books from Ms. Downs and I can say she did a great job of it too. I found myself laughing, crying and wanting to find these boys and take them home with me.

Gideon is such a complex character that realizes it is his own fault for the mess he's made out of his life. Being a rent boy even though he hates it he has to just to eat, I felt his struggle with him yeah it was that intense. He see's Evan in an intimate setting and becomes fascinated with the Cajun King very quickly but we get why he does through his telling of his story. Although we don't get as much about Evan we still get why he does the things he does to and for Gideon and it does have a sweet beautiful love story that had me reaching for the tissues but laughing through tears.

If you want an indepth story full of love with some intense emotions this is the new series for you. I personally loved it and can't wait for the next one. I highly recommend.

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