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The Healing and the Dying (Tooth and Claw #2) by L.A. Witt

The Healing and the Dying (Tooth and Claw, #2)
Doing the right thing could destroy everything…

Tooth & Claw, Book 2

Levi, Ian, and Darius escaped death-by-wolf-pack by the skin of their teeth, but they’re not out of the woods. The wolves are relentless. Help from humans? Not likely. Their only hope is a vampire commune in remote western Canada—if they make it in one piece. Even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll be offered sanctuary.

First challenge is to get there. Sunlight is deadly. Money is dwindling. Police and wolves alike are on the hunt.

Worse, Levi hasn't recovered physically or emotionally from the accident that broke several of his bones and killed his best friend. He desperately wants Ian or Darius to turn him, which would heal his wounds, speed their escape, and sever his last tie to the wolves that made his life hell.

Yet Darius hesitates, caught between his desire to help his lover, and fear that once this is all over, Levi and Ian will have no use—or desire—to keep him in the picture. And that’s assuming they all make it to the end of this alive…

                                                         5 STARS 

Okay first thing I will say is I swear reading this book made me feel like I was watching a really exciting action packed 3-D movie. No shit I sat on the edge of my seat the entire fricking book. And yes that was a good thing, the chemistry between the three MC's is intense and evened out so well that it truly never feels like any of the three shouldn't be there. I have read a good amount of threesome books and there's usually one that is a little on the outskits you know what I mean. But with Levi, Ian & Darius that doesn't happen even when it's written like Darius feels that way, I as a reader never got that in this relationship.

I had read the first book The Tooth & The Claw and LOVED it but this second book takes the cake. it's even better I thought than the first one, which is saying a lot. Although if you haven't read it you need to before this one, you'd get alot of backstory that explains the guys situation. Anyway The Healing & The Dying has it all an intense and I mean intense love story between all three guys, and exciting nail biting drama, and Holy Hell some Scorching sex scenes. I can't say which guy was my favorite character because I loved them all, and felt their heart wrenching choices that each one has had to make. The fact that guilt by either of the guys is a huge issue that each has to overcome on his own, tells a story in of its self.

This book had it all for me, and it's got another book coming so yes we're left with some conclusion but not an ending (which I'm secretly loving) I really like these guys and want more of their story. Ms.Witt knows how to tell me a story that not only I can't put down, makes me want more and her characters stay with me for a very long time but takes me to a place of intense fantasy that I couldn't even get from a movie. I Highly Recommend


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