Saturday, July 14, 2012

Angel's Redemption (Men of Charlestown #4) by Andi Anderson

Angel's Redemption (Men of Charlestown, #4)
Since Jackson's partner died, life has become one big routine. When he meets his neighbor, Elijah, he's intrigued by the mysterious man and the somber world Jackson has lived in becomes something exciting and beautiful.

Elijah needed a fresh start. When he was younger, he worked in the dark world of pornography. Life was spinning out of control from drug abuse and living an existence he despised living. Finding the strength to change, he moves to Charlestown. He meets, Jackson, he feels a connection with him he's never felt before.

Elijah is frightened to reveal his past. Fear of losing the one man he's come to rely keeps him silent and Elijah becomes determined to be the man who is worthy of Jackson's love. When Elijah's secrets are revealed, will Jackson be able to see past his former life and stand proudly beside the man Elijah is today?

                                                           4.25 STARS 

This book was so sweet but it made my cry like a baby, don't get me wrong it was a wonderful beautiful love story with a decent amount of angst throw in it just had some moments that tugged at my heart. 

I loved the character of Elijah I just wanted to wrap him in my arms and take care of him, so glad he meets Jackson who is living with his own heart break. But the two of them hit it off and it develops into more, I enjoyed this story even the crying like a baby moments but my favorite part is getting to see Shiloh again I loved his character a lot. 

I recommend but make sure you have some tissues on hand, this story is a sweet beautiful love story that will make you smile even as you cry.

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