Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Man to Man (Wolf Creek Pack #3) by Stormy Glenn

Man to Man (Wolf Creek Pack #3)
James Nash was shocked to walk into his mother’s house and discover his mate, Donovan Morgan, waiting there. He’s even more stunned when he learns that his new mate isn’t even gay. Having lived in the closet all of his life, James isn’t quite sure what to do about it. Especially since he and Donovan can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other.

Taking a chance that they were meant to be together, James and Donovan try to give their mating a try. But, before they can truly explore their new relationship, a madman bent on proving a point shoots Donovan.

Between crazy situations, crazy killers, and even crazier relatives, Jim and Donovan strive to find a middle ground in their lives together. But, when Donovan is called home by his alpha, the chance to work on their relationship is the least of their worries. Keeping each other alive may prove to be harder

                                                          4.25 STARS 

With this series it's kinda funny I have read every book in this series completely outta order, but you know what I really didn't ever feel lost or confused. I got the storyline and characters personalities easily without any confusion and got right into the story. With my OCD it's really not easy for me to do anything outta order LOL but I think I started with book #5 and then went to the earlier stories and then went back to 6.

Anyway this story is about James who is in the closet and Donovan who is straight or bi anyway. Once they meet and both realize that they're mates, they each have their own reasons for having to fight to keep their hands off of one another. James' reason is his brothers gay and theres no one else to carry on the family name (blah,blah) btw I really hate that excuse but he knows that he only gets one mate and besides Donovan is gorgeous. And James is not sure he can or even wants to resist.

Donovan on the other hand is somewhat confused but knows he wants Jim. Once they both pull their heads outta their asses, things go well until Donovan has to go back to his pack to help save the day. Thats when all hell breaks loose and he & Jim are on a run for their lives with some extra lives to save, that may change things for this new couple in a very severe way.  I enjoy this series it's sexy, and exciting but has a sweet romantic love story to each one with some added drama. I recommend

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