Monday, July 9, 2012

His True Nature by Silvia Violet

His True Nature (Love is Always Write)
After being shunned by his family for coming out, the dark haired guy buys a camper and moves out to a campground to get away from it all. Moving from the suburbs to the woods hasn’t been an easy adjustment, but that all changes when he quickly becomes friends with the hot, tattooed and supposedly straight grounds keeper. The dark haired guy’s survival skills are seriously lacking and his sexy new friend finds that quite humorous. It turns out that both of them have skills worth sharing with each other. Their relationship brings loads of sexual tension. They must have a HEA with no cheating and I'd love a beautiful sex scene, please.

                                                                  3.75 STARS 

This was a fun, kinda cute story it's a short that went in the Love is Always Write anthology from Goodreads. Anyway it was an an adorable story that I would have liked to read more about  Dan and his clumsiness and Parker saving the day, like I said it's a cute story that had an potential to be more. I recommend

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