Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot and Cold (Midnight Matings #17) by Gabrielle Evans

Hot and Cold (Midnight Matings, #17)
Technically, no one invited Theris to the gathering, because technically he wasn’t supposed to have a mate. None of that really mattered to him, though. He hadn’t gone looking for someone to hook up with. Once he sets sights on Ryo, however, he’s very glad he made the trip.

Immediately captivated by the dark angel with the bright smile, Ryo Dantis figured it was a no-brainer to choose Theris as his mate. Unfortunately, he hadn’t taken into account how far his grandfather would go to ensure he upholds his familial obligations to produce heirs for his Djinn clan.

When Theris goes missing right from their home, there are no lengths to which Ryo won’t go to find and rescue the man he loves. Can he save Theris in time and break the spell? Or will he lose everything because of the greediness of others?

                                                                    4.5 STARS 

This series always surprises me, which I thoroughly enjoy btw. This one was funny and really cute but had some drama included to make it exciting. Theris as the reaper was hilarious and doing his job near the end of this story was so funny given his situation. Ryo took me a little longer to really like, but he eventually grew on me. His paranoid and reading up on everything after he and Theris get together was funny too. And getting to see Hades & Miles again was awesome since Hades was one of my top favorite characters.This was an interesting story from the start to the finish I Recommend. 

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