Monday, July 16, 2012

Breaking Cover (Handcuffs and Lace #22) by Sean Michael

Breaking Cover
Home for six months after an undercover assignment at BDSM club Testing Leather, Homicide detective Brian Hurley can't shake the memories, or the feelings he developed, for undercover partner Griffin McManus.

Griffin's having his own problems in the aftermath of the job, and he shows up on Brian's doorstep, hoping one last night together will allow him to put it all behind him.

Will reconnecting as themselves help them let go, or will they find everything they need in each other?

                                           4.75 STARS 

I gotta say nobody can write BDSM and make me squirm but also enjoy it the way Mr. Michael can. Being a big fan of his Jarhead series, I can say it never fails to surprise me that I always learn something whenever I read one of his books. I'm utterly fascinated by that, but anyway we'll get on with the story now.

Brian (whose Nick undercover) yeah you would think that the characters going into flashbacks with their undercover names would have been confusing but it wasn't I was very able to follow without any confusion or frustration. Ok back to Brian who is the dominate in this relationship it's been a while since they closed the case but he can't get Griffin (whose Sam undercover) outta his mind. Then Griffin shows up at his door one night very confused & stressed over wanting what only Brian can give him. 

I liked how Griffin struggles with his needs & wants but Brian is pretty confident in his desire for Griff. The relationship between these two is fun and sexy as hell, and it wasn't instantaneously. And the underlining action/drama storyline was still interesting without taking away from the chemistry between Brian & Griff. I Highly Recommend

Plus I've said before but I freakin love the author bio for Sean Michael I swear it makes me want to read more by this hilarious fun loving author.

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