Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brian's Boundaries (Brats In Training 2) by Lynn Hagen

Brian's Boundaries  (Brats in Training, #2)
Jacob Lyndhurst has wanted Brian Jenkins as his sub since first laying eyes on the man at Michelson's Inc. The only problem with that plan was that Taylor McKinley fired the guy. When he and his power circle of friends have dinner at a very high-end restaurant, Jacob sees an opportunity to have his cake and eat it too when Brian turns out to be his server.

When Jacob is relentless in pursuing him, Brian's curiosity is piqued. He gives one night to the man of his dreams and his world is no longer his own. But someone is out to sabotage Brian and is hell-bent on getting him fired from his new job.

When Brian runs away from the one man who pushes his boundaries beyond their limits, Jacob must decide whether to chase after him, or cut his losses and give up the one man that he knows is his perfect sub.

                                                                4.5 STARS 

This story is one of the Brats in Training series that two of my favorite authors Lynn Hagen & Stormy Glenn are writing, and I sincerely enjoyed this one. I liked the first one just fine but this one had a little more explanation and character development to it. Brian is the sweetest clumsiest guy who is just trying to survive day to day. When Jacob sits at one of his tables, he has to wait on the man of his dreams and his ex bosses, because he was fired for catching his cubicle on fire. Yes I laughed my ass off in this book.

Jacob and his 3 buddies are all Doms, and Taylor who fired Brian has already found his perfect sub in the first book, so Jacob is looking for his perfect sub too...enter Brian who is perfect in Jacobs eyes. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jacob & Brian I thought it was a very sweet how Jacob stands up for him since the sweet little guy doesn't have anyone who will.

I really enjoyed this story, I will be reading the next one in this series soon. I recommend  

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