Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inconceivable (Tate Pack #2) by Vicktor Alexander

Inconceivable (Tate Pack, #2)
Tommy Wilkins, a.k.a. "Tammy Walks" was happy with his life as one of the highest paid drag queen performers in New York City. He had a gorgeous apartment in Greenwich Village, men throwing themselves at his feet and he had lots of money in the bank. He didn't need the family that shunned him, the boyfriend that used to beat the hell out of him or even the gorgeous sexy linebacker looking Texan cowboy, named Anton "Ton" Forrester, that his friend Richard introduced him too. All he needed was himself.

But Ton wasn't going to give up so easily because you see, Tommy is his mate, and he wants all of him, makeup, heels, dresses and costumes included. He wants to heal every scar and make the smaller man believe in love again.

There's only one problem, someone is determined to keep the two men apart, even if they have to kill Tommy to do so

                                                           4.5 STARS 

I've said it before but I love it when a book teaches me something, and this one did. I have to say that Tommy's explanation (well sort of he's actually talking to himself) but the way he talks about himself as a man that loves to wear womens' clothing, had me thinking about the way a person should accept them selves and not worry about what others think or how they react, but basically be happy in your self. If your friends & family love you they'll stand by you, if not there's someone out there who will. And Tommy's line about that he loves being a man but just in a pretty package was priceless and beautiful. Even the intense drama that follows Tommy I loved that Ton had to work at this relationship also, and that falling in love was gradual not instant.

That was really what I got outta this story, I mean it's a cute love story with some extremely hot sex, but the deep emotions of the characters are whats gonna bring me back to this series. I loved the story behind the story in each book I've read so far and I can not wait to read more which I have already bought too. I highly recommend

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