Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Doby's Lessons (Brats In Training) by Stormy Glenn

Doby's Lessons (Brats in Training, #1)
Doby Rathom wants to expand his sex life. Hell, he just wants a sex life, and he believes having a Dom will do just that. He decides to place an ad in the local paper and find one. Only, as luck would have it, or not have it, he accidently hits the wrong button and his e-mail is sent to the head of his department, Taylor McKinley, who is also the sexiest man Doby has ever met in his life.

Doby is mortified, and also in jeopardy of losing his job. When Taylor makes him an offer to train him to be a sub in exchange for not placing the ad, Doby is all for it. Especially if it means he gets to experience his training at the hands of the handsome Dom. Oh yeah, and he can keep his job. It's a win-win situation.

Until Doby starts receiving blackmail threats.

Someone is out to get Doby and he doesn't have a clue who it could be. His best friend? One of his coworkers? Taylor? Before Doby can discover who is trying to blackmail him, he first has to learn to be a sub. But when the blackmailer strikes again, running to Taylor for help seems like the right decision. But, is it? Will Taylor be his savior or his downfall?

                                                                               4 STARS 

As this is a new series by two of my favorite authors, Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen, this was a pretty good start. I found the premise of this story hilarious mainly because Doby sending that email to his boss by accident is soo something I would do and I had to LMAO. Taylor was an interesting Dom that realizes an opportunity when it's dropped in his lap. The relationship between Taylor & Doby was fast but seemed really comfortable and the Dom/sub training aspect went very smoothly of course the sex scenes were awesome. I really didn't see who the blackmailer was coming so I was surprised but it made it really interesting and made me want more. I can't wait to read the next book, which I already bought so I recommend.

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