Friday, August 31, 2012

More Than a Pet by Stormy Glenn

More Than a Pet
The Dom War changed the world. Without the blood pets provide, masters die. Without the safe haven masters provide, pets die. But the fight over pets is a constant battle that grows more dangerous with each passing second.

Remsen Marrik doesn't know what to do when he inherits a pet from a man he has always been enemies with. Giving Boy up isn't an option because hunters are after the sweet little pet. But can he settle for someone he never chose?

Boy is a pet. He's been one for as long as he can remember. When his old master is killed, Boy is sent to Marrik, the one master that might be able to keep him safe from the hunters that are after him. But Marrik is unlike any master Boy has ever had and the rules Boy has always followed have changed. Can Boy learn to trust in this new master who seems to want more from him than any master ever has or will his own fears place him right into the hands of the hunters?

                                                                     4.25 STARS 

I read an excerpt for this story a couple weeks back and decided I had to read it. I'm glad I did, it was such an interesting take on the Dom/Sub scene that I was fascinated from the start, the Dom's are vampires and the subs are human. Remsen inherits Boy from another Dom when said Dom is killed, so Remsen now has a sub which he's never kept one for long before and then finds out that Boy is not only his new sub but also his mate. These two go on the run from the same people who killed Boy's former master, and fall in love on the way. 

I felt that this story while it is a mate story was more world building and action packed than building a relationship, it's an exciting story that kept me on my toes and surprised me with who the bad guy was it's also Sexy as Hell too. I recommend

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