Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Roads Lead Home (Jarheads #5.2) by Sean Michael

All Roads Lead Home (A Jarheads Novel)
Rock, Rig and Dick are back! That's right, the Jarheads make another appearance in the Sapphire birthstone. When Rock and Dick think something horrible has happened to their favorite redneck, they mount up and show how good Marines are in emergency situations. Rig might be less than impressed, but he's happier with what his Marines come up with next. No matter what they get up to, though, all three of them agree that the best part of any journey is coming home. Together
                                                4.75 STARS

I am a huge fan of the Jarheads series, it's one of my top 10 favorite series'. Sean Michael has captured me with these 3 adorable guys, I could read about Rock, Rig, & Dick all day long and not be disappointed. I mean they are written in a way I could see them as a real life threesome, I like that they have real issues and real reactions to said issues. I absolutely love these guys, and if you want to laugh, cry a little, and be incredibly entertain you gotta read this short story of two hot ex-marines and one hot cowboy doctor. I recommend 

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