Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Danced by Jeff Erno

We Danced
For six years, Rex Payton has focused on two things: keeping his late father’s small-town Kentucky bar afloat and raising his nephew, Tyler. After the tragic loss of his parents and sister, Rex has no interest in romance. He’s respected in his community and regarded as one of Carlisle’s most eligible bachelors, but he’s accepted that his life isn’t conducive to a romantic relationship, especially as a closeted gay man.

Enter Josh Billings, a veterinary student who’s serving an internship in town. Josh’s deepest passion is helping animals. Romance is the furthest thing from his mind… until the night he meets taciturn, handsome Rex Payton. Chance and an after-hours dance conspire to forge an intimate connection neither man looked for—one neither man can ignore after the dance leads to a kiss.

Suddenly romance isn’t so insignificant, but it’s also not without complications. For this relationship to work, Josh has to decide if he can cope with dating a single dad, Rex has to open his heart, and Ty has to learn to share his dad’s affection.

                                                                   4.75 STARS 

I really, really loved this story, I know it dealt with some issues that make me squeamish, Mr. Erno did a good job of not letting it over ride the love story. Now that's not to say that the issues in this book are not important and very serious because yes their are some stupid homophobic people out there, and yes I think they need their heads examined or a swift kick in the pants either one will work. But I was glad that it didn't take away from Josh & Rex finding love, and how we see them finding a life together as a family.

This has to be one of the most romantic stories I have read in a long time, I don't want to give everything away so I'll just say the beginning was a beautiful intense but sweet way to start a great Love story. By the first 3 pages I knew I would love this book, the chemistry not only between Josh & Rex but also with Tyler as a parent to child was adorable and I couldn't stop reading I loved it. I did shed some tears especially for Tyler and what he goes through but I loved the ending and I loved the romance in this book. I highly recommend.

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