Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Class (Pushing the Envelope #10) by Kim Dare

First Class (Pushing the Envelope, #10)

The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller Pushing The Envelope: By Hand...

Joe’s latest note contained very little for Scott to go on. It was little more than an order for Scott to turn up at Joe’s flat. But Joe has plans that he hasn’t put in writing. He fully intends for he and his lover to do something different during this encounter—something he and Scott have never done before.

Will Scott be up for this particular scenario when he discovers what Joe has planned? Or will the scene change everything between them?

Joe’s risking a lot. Will it be worth it? 

                                                            4.75 STARS 

Apparently it's my day for series' and this is another favorite of mine. Yes I'm multi talented so I can have a million favorites if I want....sticking my tongue out at the meanies....hehe. I love this short mini series I keep wanting Joe to declare his love for Scott or vice versa, the little letters to each other have this couple slowly getting to know each other which is great for us cause we get to see what they each want and need in a partner. I have to say this one threw me for a loop, but it's explained so well that I just fell in love with Joe even more. Scott has so many insecurities that it's great that Joe is so patient and wants Scott as his Sub permanently. I recommend 

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