Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Friends (Everyday Romances #2) by Christine Shaw

Best Friends (Everyday Romances, #2)
Nate Francis had never been interested in sex or girlfriends and he never asked himself why. All he knows is that the idea of sleeping with a woman doesn't appeal to him. Only when he finds himself jacking off in the company of his best friend, Jake, does he start to feel anything sexual.

When his parents go away for two weeks, Jake asks Nate to stay with him. In doing so he allows himself to masturbate in front of the man. But once his friend goes into the bathroom to clean up, he finds a gay erotic magazine in his best friend’s bag. Confronting the man about it proves to be tempting fate as the two realize they have been harboring feelings for one another for weeks now.

As the two discover the wonders of gay sex together, their feelings toward one another grow. But can two twenty-one-year-olds find a forever in their best friend? What happens if they both want different things?

Can the two make it work, or will they lose a best friend?

                                                                       4 STARS 

This is an adorable story that if your in the mood for HEA's this is your book. I liked this story it's about two best friends who have done everything together since they were in kindergarten and are now in college so at twenty one they come to find out that they have feelings for each other that are not like best friend feelings.

It took me awhile to really get into this story, I kept losing who was was telling the story some from Jake's pov and some from Nate's but I seemed to get them confused a lot probably why their bf's right I mean they're personalities are similar. I will say I was surprised that at 21 their still virgins, and college guys at that huh? and gay sex seemed to be a little easy for two supposedly straight guys to just go for it, but as a sweet romantic love story it fit for this story. I also thought that their parents took it a little two well but like I said it's not a story of angst or drama it's a really adorable love story. I recommend

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