Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Branch of the Amazon (Guardians of the Forest #1) by Joyee Flynn

Branch of the Amazon (Guardians of the Forest #1)
In ancient times, Mother Nature cursed certain tribes for taking more than needed to survive. They become the Guardians of the Forests. In her wisdom, she provided ways for the cursed to have happy, loving lives. Even though their fates are tied with the land.

On the outskirts of the Amazon River, Branch leads his camp. A good man who has his hands full leading his people and keeping them safe while raising two sons, his patience is tested by his lust for the person everyone seems to want, Seed… Who is the same age as his oldest son.

When Branch comes to Seed’s rescue, he finally has what he desires most in his arms. But will he be able to let him go again?

If that isn’t enough, the cartels are moving into their territory and destroying everything in their path, along with kidnapping other Guardian children.

                                                                            3.5 STARS 

I'm kinda at a stand still on this book, I'm not sure I liked, but I didn't hate it either. I'm thinking maybe cause it was such a different type of shifter story that I just didn't get into it. It actually creeped me out a little probably thanks to that Evil Dead movie, I'm pretty sure that was it. Ms. Flynn really started the series out well with great background on the shifters, like where they came from and what their purpose for their lives are very well written and detailed, that I liked. I just didn't feel the chemistry between Branch & Seed but then again like I said I just couldn't get over the creepy factor. I will still recommend because I really think it may have been just me, so others may really enjoy this book.

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