Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perfect Day by Josh Lanyon

Perfect Day
Wyatt loves Graham. Graham is still in love with Jase. But things could be worse. They could be camping.

                                                       5 STARS 

I can honestly say I haven't read a Josh Lanyon book that I didn't absolutely love, this author makes me take a look at life in a completely different way. I was either laughing or bawling my eyes out.Plus you get so much out of this short story about each character, I mean in this book there were times I wanted Graham to see what he had right in front of him, but yet I can understand his grief for what he lost too. Same with Wyatt I could see where he wanted to give up, but yet the heart don't lie you know. And just a side note that was some great research on anaphalatic shock, I have a child that we carry an epipen with so I was very impressed with the details. Plus it's a great love story I recommend.

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