Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Oblivion by Stormy Glenn

Sweet Oblivion
I just wanted a night out on the town, a little fun. When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious walked into the bar, I knew my chances had just increased. Damn, he was fine too. And I planned to have him before the night was through. I just had to get his attention first and then he would be mine. With that in mind, I started across the bar…

Okay, I don’t do morning-afters so why am I in bed with the same man I had sex with the previous night? And why were we in his bed? Why not my bed? I never went home with my conquests. He was really hot, and great in the sack, but I didn't do relationships. They were messy and emotional and…


Are those fangs in his mouth?

                                                 4.75 STARS 

The blurb for this book had me excited to read it and I was not disappointed. I thought it was a great read, it was funny, romantic and entertaining journey. Of course the HOT sex scenes were so awesome I needed a smoke and I don't smoke LOL, I also got plenty of info on the MC's and secondary characters too. 

Micah at first I wasn't sure I liked he seemed a little full of himself, but soon we learn why he's like that and that he actually should be full of himself he's worked for it. Starvos on the other hand starts off as a tough dominant person but we find his romantic and a little insecure self  soon enough. I liked these two just for the differences from what we think they will be like. I recommend

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