Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Spinner of Romances by Roland Graeme

The Spinner of Romances

Trey Calhoun is successful at everything except his personal life. After breaking up with his partner of ten years, he accepts a promotion which takes him to a new city, where he begins a new life—alone. Recreational sex provides him some relief from his loneliness. So does Trey's discovery of the books of the M/M romance novelist Pandora Reynolds, whose lurid imagination supplies Trey with some exciting bedtime reading.

When Trey makes the acquaintance of his new neighbor, the college professor Bobby Pandour, he knows he has found a new friend. What Trey is not prepared for is the possibility of real life becoming as complicated, and ultimately as satisfying, as fiction. He soon finds himself attracted to not one but two men. And the revelation of Pandora Reynolds's real identity proves, once again, that fact is not only stranger than fiction—it can also be even sexier

                                      2.5 STARS  

I didn't really like this story and it wasn't cause of the storyline, I felt it was to long and way to detailed. I think the added two stories from the "Pandora Reynolds" was a little too much for me. And the threesome felt forced to me I could get Trey & Bobby but throwing Greg in there didn't make much sense especially after Trey just left a threesome that made him feel awful about himself. I would think he would want to shy away from that potential hurt not suggest it. Although the sex was hot, their was just too many characters to make it feel like a love story, now if you just want some really hot sex scenes here it is, but the story got lost for me. I don't recommend

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