Monday, June 25, 2012

An Honorable Man by Edward Kendrick

An Honorable Man
Paxton, a forensics scientist whose wife has deserted him and their twin sons, becomes embroiled in trying to catch a serial killer when the boys discover a human finger-bone while rock-hunting. With his job keeping him on the run as more bodies turn up, and his housekeeper on temporary leave, Paxton turns to Jordon, the boys' grade school teacher, to watch them after school.

There is only one problem with this, Paxton and Jordon were lovers before Paxton married. Now, with his wife gone for the past two years, Paxton finds he still has feelings for Jordon, feelings which may be reciprocated. But Paxton is an honorable man. For the sake of his sons who hope their mother may someday return home, and his own belief that she might, he fights his renewed attraction for Jordon.

                                                      3 STARS 
I liked this story but not for the romance side of it, but for the interesting murder mystery to which I didn't get resolved. Yes I'm pouting! It could have been an intense drama but falls a little short, the ending is a little too quick for me. I did like the way Paxton talks & and explains things to his kids, very upfront and honest. That right there made me want to keep reading, the love story between Jordon & Paxton didn't work for me I didn't get to know the characters because they had been together like 14 yrs earlier before. So I felt the fell back together a little to easily and quickly, very smooth sailing. Like I said the murder mystery kept me reading this story it was like watching an episode of CSI very cool but it lost me when I didn't get closer for this case, maybe there will be another story to get closer. It was still a good story to read, I will recommend.


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