Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hotshot by Lolita Lopez

Levi Langtry can't believe his luck when he claps eyes on the sexiest damn firefighter he's ever seen. Certain nothing can ever come of his lustful infatuation with the older man, Levi watches James Cooper from afar and tries to console himself with deliciously dirty fantasies starring the rugged, tough firefighter.
The second Cooper sees Levi hop off a front loader and peel off that sweat-soaked T-shirt, he's a goner. The younger man tempts Cooper to the point of no return, but he knows better than to surrender to temptation.
Cooper knows he shouldn't, but he caves to his desire for Levi. What starts out as a fling soon threatens to become so much more complicated. Levi's playing for keeps, but Cooper isn't sure he's long-term relationship material.
But when Levi's life is threatened by a serious accident, Cooper realizes some things 
are worth fighting for—and Levi is one of them.
                                                     4.25 STARS

I really liked this story, of course who wouldn't like a hot fireman & a cowboy?
Anyway this story is serious nut fun and it's adorable in the way Levi & Cooper meet. I felt I got to know the characters and why especially Cooper has the fears that they do. Of Course the sex scenes are extremely HOT (of which I will not complain LOL) and I mean HOT!!! I also got chemistry which is instant between these two. It's a fast paced story but a good one that I enjoyed. The focus is mainly on these two but I loved the add in of Levi's parents that was adorable. I recommend

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