Sunday, June 10, 2012

Necessity's Door by Fiona Glass

Necessity's Door
Being an openly-gay detective in Birmingham comes with its share of problems. For one, the pay is awful. For another, Jake always gets stuck with the crappy undercover jobs. Like posing as a prostitute to catch the new crime boss in town—a man notorious for rough sex with pretty young rentboys.

Jake’s latest op is fraught with difficulties, all of them men. Like his partner, Mac, who he’s secretly fancied for months. And his new client, Graham, who he keeps sleeping with for reasons far beyond maintaining his cover. And of course there’s the target, Frank Warren, who’s much harder to lure than anyone had anticipated.

The longer the job drags on, the tougher it gets for Jake to juggle his own needs with those of the job. They may be closing in on Warren, but Jake’s heart—and his sense of right and wrong—are slipping through his fingers. Mac is there to back him up, but is he really the man Jake needs? Tough to know among all those lies Jake's been telling himself and everyone else

                                                                      2.5 STARS 

I spent most of this book thinking WTF? I felt like Jake needed a smack to his head multiple times and it ending feeling unfinished for me. The action part of this story is just not there, the case that has Jake going undercover, is like an after thought. And having to sleep with his mark left me feeling grossed out, I think Jake needed to get his priorities straight. He's a cop yet he breaks some pretty serious laws not to solve the case mind you but for his own personal reasons. I don't recommend.

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