Friday, June 1, 2012

Switch (True Colors #4) by Clare London

Switch (True Colors, #4)
Miles Winter and Zeke Roswell have excited and enthralled each other since the day they met. Zeke’s uninhibited lovemaking has allowed Miles to grow in confidence and their relationship to deepen. Back from a business trip, Miles knows he should take care of his backlog of work, but the delight of being reunited with Zeke makes him realize he has other, more important needs—including the one sexual step he hasn’t yet taken. Business can wait in favor of a commitment far more primal and more permanent.

                                                            4.75 STARS 

I absolutely love Miles & Zeke, out of all 3 mini stories this one is my favorite. Of course the first book True Colors is the top favorite but I'm loving the continued storyline, it's well written and the storyline from the first book is still a factor in all the books. I hope that we get more of this awesome couple and hope to get Red's story too along with Carter of course. I have to recommend because this story is adorable but so sincere that every time I read one in this series I'm brought back to the original story and how much I loved it.
This is a must read!

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