Friday, June 8, 2012

Dreaming in Color by Cameron Dane

Dreaming in Color
The sight of the red door saves Colin Baxter in his dream, but very quickly a man appears and the dream becomes a thing of raw sexual need with a person Colin can’t identify. He just knows the man needs him, and Colin aches to find and heal his lover…even if the man doesn’t really exist.

Marek Donovan just wants to be left alone to lick his wounds and recover from a terrible loss. The rundown house in Fiji suits his minimal needs just fine. He doesn’t want to face the world again, and on a small, secluded island figures he’s safe from everyone and everything. Particularly guilt from his past.

Dreams of this nameless man and his house plague Colin for two years, but he’s come to care about his phantom lover so deeply he doesn’t want them to end. Then Colin visits Fiji and comes face-to-face with the house from his visions, prompting him to believe these dreams just might be his destiny.

Colin knocks on the door, determined to find answers. What he finds is a man he already knows

                                                                         4.5 STARS 

I really liked this book, but I honestly got lost in the paranormal of the house in it too. This book has a great relationship with enough stress & angst too make it a good book, but the whole house drawing Colin there and feeling alive kinda creeped me out. I've had this book in my to-reads for awhile but wanted something deep & intense to read, so out it came. 

I have to say I felt the chemistry and intensity in these characters right off the bat, Marek & Colin are a great couple who have serious potential to be an awesome couple. I even get that Marek's secrets could potentially cause some serious damage to this new found relationship. But I honestly felt that he had enough heartache that this secret was too much, how this guy survived all the guilt and heartbreak that he has made me love this character to the extreme. Colin I liked just as well, I mean what he went through as a teen is horrific and only a person of such strong character could survive that and be as strong willed as Colin he is a character I applaud for strength alone. 

I recommend it does have some serious angst, and the house with the creepy factor but it is a beautiful love story, my favorite part is the last email from Marek by the time I got to that point I have to say the last email pushed right over into I wanna read this story again & again.

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