Monday, June 18, 2012

The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf (Mate or Meal #11) by Scarlet Hyacinth

The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf (Mate or Meal, #11)
Mate or mistake? Twenty years back, werewolf Anson lost his first love to another man. Now, he realizes his true mate is actually his ex’s son, swan-shifter Reed. He knows that no one would ever believe his feelings for Reed are real. Wishing to protect Reed from the inevitable fallout, Anson restrains himself from claiming the swan.
Reed is disheartened by his mate’s refusal, his spirit and self-confidence destroyed by his fears. He knows Anson no longer loves Reed’s father, but the rejection hurts him deeply.

Anson’s injury in a previous expedition makes both men realize life is too short for doubts. They surrender to their desires, but Reed’s family doesn’t trust their unexpected bond. And then, a new interfering factor appears, the werewolf’s son, one Anson didn’t even know existed. When the boy’s mother insists Anson is really her mate, can the couple survive the challenges thrown their way?

                                                                               4.5 STARS 

Yes another one that I really liked LOL, I have to say the fun twist of having Anson who we met in Liam & Shiloh's story ending up mating Reed their adopted Swan son was an awesome hilarious turn on this enjoyable series. I have loved every book in this series so far mainly because we really get to know the characters and they are frequently in previous books, besides the whole mate or meal scenario which put an interesting take on opposites attract right? 

Anson not only has to worry about the age difference, but the gossip and rumors that he's only mated Reed because he still wanted Reed's dad Liam, of course we get the real relationship but then add in a drunk one stand that ending up with a son. Whom I really end up liking can't wait for his & Jace's  story too. They end up having to deal with the one night stands homicidal craziness, rumors galore, and starting a relationship together. 

Reed on the other hand, I just loved his character, he's stronger than he's given credit for he may look small and fragile but he loves strongly and fiercely. He becomes my favorite character in this book, mainly because he refuses to give up. 

I recommend I find this whole series interesting to the point that I keep wanting to read more. Each book reminds me of characters in previous books that I enjoyed.  

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