Tuesday, June 5, 2012

By Hand (Pushing the Envelope #9) by Kim Dare

By Hand (Pushing the Envelope, #9)
When Scott turns up at Joe’s home, he doesn’t know what to expect. And from the moment Joe opens the door stark naked, Scott’s thrown off balance.

“Show me what you really like,” seemed like such a simple, innocent request.

But, with the help of a huge TV screen, leather-clad visual aids, and some carefully laid out preparations, Joe’s about to fulfill that request in ways Scott never imagined.

                                                       4.75 STARS 

I absolutely love this series, I know it's not very long stories but Damn it's so intense and it's like I can see them falling love at a nice pace, with added bonus' like extremely scorching sex scenes (which I love BTW). I can't wait for the next one Ms. Dare has got me completely hooked on Joe & Scott that I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next of course I want a happy ending. But the road to get there has been awesome and with each book we learn something about each character that makes me love them both. This one is my favorite so far mainly because what Joe trys to show Scott but I like that Scott doesn't see it yet. I recommend

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