Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Delaneys at Home (The Delaneys #5) by Anne Brooke

The Delaneys at Home (The Delaneys, #5)
Liam is ready for a whole new life with the dangerous Delaney twins, and dives into it with great enthusiasm. But when the men reveal their little secret to Liam, that they know he's not been entirely honest with them about his previous art career, the scene is set for a rather different experience of punishment. Can Liam rise to the occasion this time around?

More than that, Liam's boss at the gallery appears to be in cahoots with the Delaneys about the talents Liam's convinced he simply doesn't have. Will he find the twins' commitment to his profession rather more than even he can handle?

                                                           4.75 STARS 

I love this series, are you guys tired of me saying that yet? LOL it's true I can't help (remember OCD) I like reading about continuing stories, I always feel that I don't have to get to know the characters again, I already do so I can just jump right into the story right?

Anyway I like this one alot maybe it's the bad boys thing with just a decent amount of danger to make it exciting and it's super sexy. Liam has been dating the Delaney twins for a little while now and is  moving in with them in this book. Like I said I like this one it felt like it was a little longer book than the last one which was awesome (It may have been I never look at the page numbers).
Johnny is the sweet understanding twin and Mark is the tough as nails dominant one, both are written incredibly sexy.I can't wait to see what happens in the next one, because this one made me ask some interesting questions about Liam, I wanna go to that family dinner with them it sounds fun. I recommend

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