Thursday, June 14, 2012

Need You Now by Mercy Celeste

Need You Now
After walking in on his college roommate and his best gal pal having sex, Jake Benefield knows he has to let go of the crush he's had on Logan Riley for four long years. He leaves to pursue a graduate degree only to discover love and loss. Home again, the last thing expects is for Logan to confess feelings for him as well. Can their friendship survive a one night stand, or is Logan looking for more than Jake is ready to give him?
                                                         2.5 STARS 

Sorry I didn't really like this book, I felt lost through most of it, with the flash backs and seeing the dead lover. I really tried to get involved in this one but i just couldn't, I didn't feel any chemistry between the two MC's and the best friend girls (on both sides) made it feel like Logan would have rather been with his bf if she hadn't died WTF? Besides the horrible car crash for Jake which he keeps seeing his dead lover that wants him to move on another WTF? moment. It just didn't ring true for me sorry I don't recommend.

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