Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dirty Kisses by Sean Michael

Dirty Kisses
Bussy, the manager of a gay ski resort, is into only twinks. At least that's what he has always believed, until one evening after he gets dumped by his latest boyfriend, he notices Quint, the hot bartender.

Quint is the complete opposite of a twink. In fact, he's even taller than Bussy and definitely well-built. Could the shy bartender be exactly what Bussy's been looking for all along?

                                                                      4.5 STARS 

For a short story this one was awesome, not only did I get to read some seriously HOT sex scenes but I also learned how to make a new drink I now LOVE dirty kisses LOL I recommend it's a fun sexy short story but I loved it. Wouldn't mind more of this couple.

Just a side note I love reading the author's bio in the back of books, I don't know why I just do and I gotta say Sean Michael has one of the funniest and most excellent ones I have ever read, yes it does make me want to buy more books from him mainly because I think a sense of humor is a must if you are a writer. I personally am very sarcastic and love to goof off and laugh, so some of my favorite authors have to have a sense of humor that will come through in their books. If anything now I want to read more of this hilarious author's imagination come to life.

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