Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Wizard & The Werewolf (Mixed Mates Series #1) by Amber Kell

The Wizard & The Werewolf ( Mixed Mates Series, #1)
When the newest and shyest member of Peter's pack asks him to harbor his brother, Peter's not expecting the bad boy wizard who appears at his door. He's also not expecting Justin to be the mate he's searched for his entire life.

Justin needs a place to crash where no one would expect to look. With a psychotic wizard on his trail and a powerful artifact in his possession the best hiding spot is the least likely. After all wizards and werewolves don't get along. Who would look for him in the middle of a pack? Now if he could resist a certain sexy wolf he might escape with his heart intact.

                                                5 STARS 

It's no secret I love Amber Kell books but I gotta say this one is now my top favorite, I laughed, cried a little but all in all I feel head over heels with all the characters even the secondary ones. This book just flat out worked for me it gave me all I needed to enjoy, I got to know the characters, got enough drama to keep me reading without being too angsty (yeah I made up a word so what?) some absolute HOT! sex and a book that entertained me to the point I want more.

Justin is such an awesome character I mean he's tough but with a big heart, sexy but caring. I loved his character he wasn't needy or weaker than Peter, but he was willing to compromise for love. And Alpha Peter was as most alphas kinda dominant but when he meets Justin he's so surprised that it's funny I mean who greets someone Hello, Kiss me. 

I so enjoyed this story, hope I get more soon I recommend.

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