Friday, June 1, 2012

Daring Alpha (Twin Pines Grizzlies #11) by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Daring Alpha (Twin Pines Grizzlies #11)
How could a sweet kiss awaken such a dangerous beast?

Dylan Peterson is as tough as they come, but he's also smart and sexy. As the nexus for his bear-shifting brothers, he has dedicated himself to building their group even though he is destined to be alone.

Preston Athey is the nexus for the wolf-shifters, and he couldn't walk past an injured Dylan without bestowing a simple kiss. Preston had no idea such a simple act would have such far-reaching consequences.

When Preston and Dylan are brought together to twin the souls of two of their shifting brothers, Preston is stunned. He never thought he would see Dylan again. When Dylan dares to steal a kiss, he seals their fate.

Breaking the rules unleashes the beast inside their souls. Once awakened, there's nothing that will put it back to sleep, not until the beast has sated his lust by claiming his mate.

                                                                    4.75 STARS

I truly thought that the last book was my favorite by I was wrong Dylan's story is now my favorite in this series. Preston was a little confusing for me but I get with the way he was raised why he thinks the way he does. Dylan of course is fun to get to know and he has such a big heart just the way he helps Cory is testament to that. Besides Damn the sex scenes are frickin' HOT! Iso wanted to beat the hell outta Elias and I do not like Grayson at all the are not nice people/werewolves, what they do to Preston was horrible and I hope they get theirs in a future book. I recommend


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