Monday, June 4, 2012

Rave (Zeus's Pack #9) by Lynn Hagen

Rave (Zeus's Pack, #9)
Logan had a pretty simple life. That is until he delivers a load of lumber to Hunter’s Hardware and nearly gets blown up. Logan doesn’t understand who would try to kill him until he’s attacked outside the hospital, and then his home. The man after him is relentless.

Agent Monroe is sent to Pride Pack Valley to investigate. Under the guise to get reacquainted with Rave he digs into investigates murders by a man who can control minds and make his victims kill themselves.

Rave is sent to retrieve someone that Dr. Maximus Samuel feels is in danger. Little does Rave know that he will be rescuing his mate, who doesn’t want to be rescued, even after being nearly blown to bits when his truck explodes.

As the body count begins to rise in Pride Pack Valley, Agent Monroe must find the man behind the murders. But his investigation leads him to Logan, his mate. Can Rave save Logan from Agent Monroe and can the two of them stop Logan from going nuclear as he discovers abilities he never even knew he had?

                                                                  4.25 STARS 

Book 9 in the Zeus Pack series I thought was Great, it incorporates some of Ms. Hagen's other series but I loved that, I'm a big fan of continuing series'. Rave is my favorite in this Menage' he just wants to love and protect his mates, even if one's a mind controlling something or other (yeah I can't pronounce the name LOL) and is actually a nice guy, and the other an FBI agent whose kinda an asshole. Logan the mind controlling clueless one is adorable but like I said clueless, once he gets his powers under control he'll be powerful as hell but I think he'll still be a nice guy.  Tony on the other hand is an ass, plain and simple it took me most of this book to like him, but finally I fell for him too. These three have alot of work cut out for them, their all very independent characters who are strong but very untrusting. It takes alot to get them even in the same room. My favorite part is the tension between Tony & Logan especially with Logan being the younger more eager to please type of guy. LOVED that it was fun. I recommend

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