Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back-up by T.A. Webb


John Caldwell was working undercover to bring down a drug lord when he's caught between his past - former partner Zack Maine - and his current partner Troy, who has a long-time bond with Zack.

When they are all trapped overnight in a snow-bound cabin, can they set aside their differences and be back-up for each other?
                                                                     4.75 STARS 
This one is a collaboration of a bunch of different authors, so I will be simple and say I loved this story and I want more. So all these wonderful authors that have helped to write this I thought this story was awesome, loved the intrigue, the identical twins and the sex was HOT! to me that's a perfect story only thing that I could find was I wanted more...lot's more this was a fascinating story that I would have added to my auto buy list Yes it was that good. I mean good cop, maybe bad cop, mobsters, it was totally exciting. Seriously guys I'd like to read more or another story like this it was fun and enjoyable. I recommend 

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